Why Flutter is More Popular in Mobile App Development in 2021?

Nowadays Mobile users expect their apps have a beautiful design, smooth animations, and grand performance. In order to deliver these features, developers need to create a new feature faster than ever without compromising on quality or performance.

In the competitive world, where technology is continuously changing. Many of the startups are facing failure due to the wrong choice of the mobile application development platform. By selecting the right technology, startups can enrich their mobile apps features that brings them to generate revenue and success.

Why Flutter is More Popular in Mobile App Development in 2021?

Flutter is an open-source UI Software development kit. It is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that built native interfaces on Android and iOS. Flutter is introduced by Google in 2017, It facilitates wrapping a web view in a native app. It has written using the C, C++, Dart, Skia Graphics Engine

Flutter is in a form of a layered structure, so developers can build a highly customized and attractive app in a limited time period without compromising on the performance. Also, making changes in the Flutter codebase is quite more comfortable and quicker. The feature reflects instant changes in the codebase within milliseconds. The flutter is the only framework with mobile SDK which provides reactive styles without using any Javascript.

Why Flutter?

Every cross-platform framework can perform some things and offers some features essential for the work. But! Flutter is a bit different from its competitors in some aspects. Let’s take a closer look and what makes Flutter app development better than other frameworks.

Google’s very popular payment service, Google Pay, also known as Tez, rewritten in Flutter to drive its Global Product Development. The rewritten app is able to function well across a wide variety of payment chains, infrastructures, and operating systems.

1. Fast development

Flutter engineered for high-speed developments. It allows you to change your code and see it come to life in less than a second without losing the state of the app. Flutter is in a rich set of customizable widgets, all built from a modem reactive framework.

2. Expressive + Flexible UI

Flutter flexible to move widgets, rendering, animation, and gestures into this framework to give you complete control over every pixel on the screen. It means you have the complete flexibility to build a custom design.

3. Multi-Platform Portability

Every businessman wants their apps Compactable. The cross-platform compatibility of the app development framework help to succeed in a fast-paced and fast-growing industry. While Flutter will seamlessly run on both iOS and Android, This has a specific set of plugins that permit them to run on different platforms.

However, the launch of Humming Bird in 2019. Google has added web support to the Flutter mobile applications that use a web view control and can load and display the content dynamically without rewriting the content.

4. Native apps for Android and IOS

Flutter apps platform conventions and interface details such as scrolling, navigation, icons, fonts, etc. This provides a user-friendly. That why apps built with Flutter features are applicable on both the APP STORE and GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

#4. Native apps for Android and IOS

5. Using Dart as a Programming Language gives High Performance

Dart is an object-oriented programming language that which used for writing mobile application code for Flutter. It contributes to the high efficiency and effectiveness of app development flow. It is a comfortable language and uses a lot of CSS parts as well. Flutter doesn’t require a Javascript bridge that’s why the speed is much faster.

6. Flutter Provides Multiple IDE Support

It provides excellent support for several IDEs and provides more offers and comfort to the developers while developing a cross-platform application.

Usually, when developers start working with an IDE, they never want to switch to another IDE. So, Flutters take the momentum and provide access to a massive number of IDEs including Android Studio, VC Code, IntelliJ, and many more.

7. Low-Cost App Development

Develop a cross-platform application is the best option for startups. It enables you to build and launch an app on two different platforms by investing in a single codebase. Flutter allows to develop a cross-platform application for every operating system with the need of one codebase. 

8. Flutter Use Firebase As Backend

It connects firebase as a backend that offers you a complete package of application management. Right from cloud storage to real-time database, hosting to authentication services. It will provide everything in one place and seamlessly meet the needs of the startups.

Flutter can be used for both new and experienced mobile app developers.

If you are new to mobile; Flutter gives you a fast, fun, and modern way to deliver native apps.

If you are an experienced; mobile developer you can add Flutter to your existing workflow and tools to build new expressive UIs.

App development is one of the major concerns for the startup and no startup owner. Being in this technology-driven era, I can understand the need for choosing the best mobile application development for a startup. So before, you invest in any mobile app; you have the right to get indulge in thorough research and understand the pros and cons of each framework. Flutter is the quickest way to deliver a well-performing cross-platform mobile application. It is an open-source, Dart Google-based language, which is undoubtedly growing in the future business scenario and bridging the gap between the tech world and businesses.


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