Neuromorphic Computing: How the human brain inspires AI?

The neuromorphic computing platform is designed for computational neuroscience and machine learning. Neuromorphic systems attempt to imitate how the human nervous system operates in human body. In this field engineering tries to imitate the structure of biological sensing and information processing nervous systems. In other words, neuromorphic computing implements the aspects of biological neural networks as analogue or digital copies on electronic circuits.

Which is better for Deep Learning MATLAB or Python?

MATLAB is a closed-source software and proprietary commercial product. Python is an open-source programming language, meaning that it is entirely free. MATLAB is a robust computing environment for mathematical or technical computing operations involving the arrays, matrices, and linear algebra while, Python is a high-level language, general-purpose programming language designed for ease of use by human beings accomplishing all sorts of tasks.

Is Emotion AI the Future of Artificial Intelligence?

Emotion AI is the sub-set of Artificial Intelligence that tries to understand human expressions and emotions, both verbal and non-verbal and Also known as Affective Computing. The technology aims to improve natural communication between human and machine to create an Artificial Intelligence that communicates in a more authentic way. If the Artificial Intelligence can gain emotional intelligence, maybe it can also replicate those emotions.