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About Us

And Our Solutions

Nexart had a modest beginning in 2017 as an IT Firm operating from a small space in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. We started out with simple web and mobile app development services. But, over the course of two years, we shifted our focus into delivering solutions in AI, Fintech, Supply Chains & Networking.

In 2019, the company bootstrapped itself to create its own unique solution that can help SMEs and MSMEs to launch their own e-stores, build personal inventories, connect with local buyers and even boost sales through in-app marketing. Our team of engineers, designers and business strategists worked tirelessly to create the next generation of such an ideal ecosystem that can help local businesses leading to the creation of a three-part connected system named ‘Hyloca’ with its subsidiaries ‘Eyewey’ and ‘Litebox’.

Eyewey’s AI-enabled Computer Vision Architecture received PreSeed Funding and was incubated under Maán – The Authority of Social Contribution in Abu Dhabi in the year 2019 for its ability to impart social impact through helping people with complete blindness use computer vision to recognize wider spectrum of objects around them.

Meet our Team

The core members of the company


Founder & CEO

Backend Architect | Cloud Developer | AI

Visakh G S

Co-Founder & Product Head

App Development | ML | AI

Asha Zacharia

Frontend Developer

Akhil KB

App Development | Block Chain

Vinitha Gopakumar

Public Relations

Gokul S L

Finance Head

Ajin V W

IT Consultant | Part-time


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