About Us

Nexart started out as a modest web services provider in 2017. However, in recent years we have shifted our focus to building SaaS cloud platforms for our clients. In 2019, we embarked on the development of our own platform, namely ‘Hyloca’ and its subsidiary ‘Eyewey’. These platforms were designed to assist retailers in establishing their own online stores using AI technology. By the end of 2019, we obtained our first round of funding and expanded our markets to the Middle-East with the support of Maán, Govt. of Abu Dhabi.

At present, we have seven active platforms in the market, supported by a dedicated team of developers. ‘Hyloca’ offers commerce and marketing services to retailers powered by AI, while its subsidiary app ‘Eyewey’ focuses on AI content development for marketing purposes. Additionally, we provide ‘Litebox’ to support businesses in networking and connecting, and ‘Payton’ for virtual accounting needs. Other platforms include ‘Briliant Minds’, which helps students explore their career interests through expert-designed workshops, ‘Cinizen’ in collaboration with Kokers Media to facilitate collaboration and earnings for artists in the entertainment industry, and ‘Inhous’, which offers comprehensive solutions for construction needs.

Furthermore, we are proud to be technology partners for Stratecis LLC. Together, we have developed ‘Innovate4Good’, a platform dedicated to fostering sustainability through networking and investments in the Middle-East and Africa region. Additionally, we have created the ‘SMEtribe’ application in collaboration with Khalifa Fund and Stratecis. This app allows small businesses in Abu Dhabi to connect and grow.

Our Core Team



Visakh G S


Saneeth Sainudheen


Gokul S L


Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the world of cloud solutions by merging multiple sectors together, paving the way for optimum output and unprecedented efficiency. We envision a future where our innovative designs seamlessly integrate various industries, transforming the way businesses operate and unlocking untapped potential.

“Innovation is the driving force that propels us into the future, and the team at Nexart embodies this spirit. ”

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